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    A service that enables Active Performance Management™ in intelligent Design Envelope pumps.

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    Pump Manager is a cloud-based subscription service that enables Active Performance Management™ in Armstrong intelligent Design Envelope pumps. It proactively tracks and manages pump performance and provides early diagnostic warnings, web accessible trends and analysis along with automated reports. Pump Manager helps customers make informed decisions and take immediate action to deliver the best possible HVAC performance.

  • Materials

    The Connectivity Kit includes an Armstrong-specified router with built-in SIM card. 

  • Size1-1250 HP

Increase System Uptime And Reliability

  • Detect problems earlier and automatically inform users before the problems lead to catastrophic HVAC failures
  • Reduce and mitigate risks of equipment failure through predictive maintenance and realize 48 to 51% in savings
  • Return equipment faster to service by providing field service technicians insights for adequate preparation before on-site visit

Reduce Operating Costs

  • Continuously optimize equipment operation and eliminate energy drift to realize up to 30% in pump energy savings
  • Allocate the right amount and type of resources based on insights such that the required pumps are worked on rather than all pumps
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Make Informed Capital Investment Decisions

  • Use insights derived from flow trends to make informed capital investment choices and avoid investment lock-in risk

Improve Transparency & Improve Building Resilience

  • Have visibility into equipment operation, energy savings and the impact on carbon footprint
  • Actively manage pumping and fluid flow systems for sustained building resiliency
  • Use insights from load profiles to help building operators easily identify when loads don’t match the current level of occupancy

Improve Tenant Comfort

  • Keep fluid flow in the desired range and reduce temperature swings

Enhance Existing Building Management Systems

  • Provide industry leading analytics and pump specific insights such as Dead Head, Cavitation, and Broken Coupling
  • Provide Automated Fault Detection & Diagnostics capabilities to diagnose pump faults like dead head and cavitation failing bearings
  • As connected Armstrong Design Envelope pumps continue to run autonomously using the Parallel Sensorless technologyTM, Building Automation System (BAS) is still able to take control of the pump

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