360 Service and Support

360 Service and Support provides complete solution support for engineers, contractors and owners. Working collaboratively with our network partners, we provide cost-effective support resources to help you get the best possible performance from your mechanical systems, at every phase in the lifecycle of your building.

Design Envelope Technology

Design Envelope technology enables the greenest, most flexible and most cost effective fluid-flow and HVAC systems on the planet – resulting in both, lowest installed and lowest operating cost with the same equipment.

Heating & Cooling

Our unique expertise in fluid flow, heat transfer, variable speed and demand-based control allows you to choose from a single-source, highly integrated line of HVAC and fluid flow products and services. Whether you are in need of individual equipment, a packaged solution, or a complete installation engineered to your specifications, we can craft the cutting edge outcomes you expect.

Plumbing & Water Supply

Water management in buildings and related infrastructure has been a natural extension of our core competencies. Perfecting your first-class building projects with equivalent water supply and sanitation systems gives you the comfort of a lasting high-performance result.

Fire Safety

When it comes to protecting your assets you don’t want to take risks. Neither do we. Our promise of “Safety has a Home” is as straightforward as it is effective – backed up by solutions that work when you need them.

Genuine Parts & Parts Kits

Even the best equipment and installations require attention from time to time. What makes a difference is the convenience and speed of finding exactly the service, tools, and materials, you need to address the situation – regardless of whether you are facing a scheduled maintenance or an emergency. Even better, many Armstrong parts not only fit our own products but other makes as well.

Legacy Products

With thousands of installations across the world, chances are you’ll find yourself attending to an Armstrong product that is no longer available. No worries, our legacy program gives you access to related documentation, service, and critical replacement parts.

Genuine Armstrong Parts Kits

All the parts you need to keep your systems running perfectly.

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We have a suite of free online support materials and tools. Find the essentials to learn, apply, and maintain Armstrong equipment.

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