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Design Envelope Intelligent Fluid Management System 

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  • Summary
  • Applications

    Commercial or industrial closed-loop systems, including HVAC chilled-water systems, boiler systems, cooling tower systems, or process water loops.

  • Description

    The Armstrong Intelligent Fluid Management System (iFMS) integrates superior pump- and control technology into a single pumping solution yielding both compact and carefree installation as well as superior energy performance. iFMS is ideally suited for partial or all variable speed chilled-water plant applications (variable primary flow, variable secondary flow, variable condenser water flow). In combination with Parallel Sensorless control iFMS saves 30% or more in energy over any other parallel pumping configuration available today.

  • Configuration

    Up to 4 pumps in one unit. Catalogue-based pre-engineered solutions or designed to customer specification. Integrated control system (IPS 4000, IPC 11550) or connecting to chiller plant/BMS control. Optional single point power panel

Lowest installed cost

  • Factory-designed, built, and tested assembly for fast and easy installation and up to 25% lower installed cost compared to standard practice (loose components, on-site build)
  • Superior energy performance qualifies for considerable cost recovery under utility and government rebate programs
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Lowest operating and environmental cost

  • Complete pre-assembled unit – combined with perfect component match-up and tuning – for up to 60% in energy and carbon savings over traditional constant speed and variable frequency operated pumping installations
  • Elimination of inertia bases, housekeeping pads, flex connectors and superfluous piping avoids all procurement related environmental impacts (material, energy, carbon)
  • Parallel Sensorless control for an additional 30+% increase in energy efficiency over standard pump-sequencing practice
  • Integrated design packs and ships more economically for less packaging waste compared to loose component shipping and assembly

Lowest project and operating risk

  • Product design, assembly and testing in a controlled ISO 14000 factory environment for trouble-free installation and lifetime performance 
  • Single-source responsibility for convenient project and product support

Case study: Savings delivered between trains

Anacostia train station reduced energy costs by over $8,500 per year by installing an iFMS.

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