Build and retrofit your HVAC solution with a savings guarantee you can bank on. Together, we establish the actual or planned performance of your existing chiller plant installation or design, respectively. From there, we determine and agree upon the energy and cost savings you can expect when using Armstrong Design Envelope control systems.

During the first year of operation, should your savings fall short of prediction, we pay you three times the difference - up to $100,000(US)! No other HVAC partner gives you that confidence.

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Design Envelope Chilled-Water Integrated Plant Package 

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  • Summary
  • Applications

    Commercial and industrial chilled-water cooling systems

  • Description

    The Armstrong Chilled-Water Integrated Plant Package combines all the equipment needed to deliver chilled water to medium to large size buildings at superior energy efficiency. The factory-assembled plant includes pumps, integrated controls, water-cooled chillers and the requisite instrumentation, valves and sensors. IPP complies with all ASHRAE 189.1 requirements and exceeds ASHRAE 90.1.

  • Configuration

    Variable primary with variable condenser flow. Catalogue-based pre-engineered solutions or designed to customer specification. BMS communications protocol available

Lowest installed cost

  • Factory-designed, built and tested plant package for fast and easy installation and up to 25% lower cost at commissioning compared to equivalent separate component supply installation
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Lowest operating cost

  • Complete pre-assembled unit – combined with perfect component match-up and tuning – for up to 50% in energy savings (.5 kW/ton) over conventional chilled water plant installations

Lowest environmental cost

  • Optimum, demand-based plant performance for up to 50% higher energy efficiency (.5 kW/ton) over conventional chilled water plant installations 
  • Optimum, demand-based plant performance for up to 50% lower carbon (greenhouse gas) emissions (avoided electricity generation)



Lowest project and operating risk

  • Product design, assembly and testing in a controlled ISO 14000 factory environment for trouble-free installation and sustained lifetime performance 
  • Free first-year ECO*Pulse™ HVAC health management (includes predictive maintenance) for reduced plant failure and downtime 
  • Single-source responsibility for convenient project and product support

Case study: Law and order and heat

Lancashire Constabulary reduced energy costs by £245,000 per year.

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