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Design Envelope 9521 Integrated Tower Control System

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  • Summary
  • Applications

    Automated system for optimizing cooling water based heat rejection processes used in: datacenters, ammonia compressors, automotive manufacturers, large circuit heat pump applications, condenser cooling, paint processes, injection molding, air compressors

  • Description

    The Integrated Tower Control 9521 is a simple and robust automation system for any cooling tower application, reducing its heat rejection load. The 9521 ITC works in a cooling tower heat rejection configuration and keeps the plant including cooling towers or fluid coolers and their fans, and Design Envelope pumps running smoothly.

    Leveraging the flow readings from Design Envelope pumps, the system stability and tower automation are optimized for energy efficiency. The optimization is based on demand based control algorithms and Armstrong’s industry-leading Parallel Sensorless™ technology.

  • Configuration

    Integrates with:

    •  Cooling towers or fluid coolers and their fans;
    •  Multiple variable speed Design Envelope pumps installed in a headered configuration;
    •  Associated control valves, both isolation and by-pass valves;
    •  Auxiliary heat rejection support systems such as water quality.

    If preferred, the ITC connects seamlessly with any central building automation system (BAS) maintaining full control of the heat rejection process through the BAS.

  • Performance range

    Controls up to five cooling towers/fluid coolers and five Design Envelope pumps. No limitations in plant size and cooling capacity.

Improved system stability

  • Accurate flow data to optimize the evaporative process
  • Real-time flow metering accuracy and diagnostics to better understand and improve system reliability
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Reduced energy costs

  • Approximatively 5 to 20% energy savings compared to a constant flow tower configuration
  • 2 to 3 % water savings



Performance management

  • Simplified tower automation and easy integration
  • Immediate adjustment to changes in cooling requirements
  • Compatibility for onboard diagnostics, data downloads and remote access

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ITC 9521 Integrated Tower Control System

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