Technical Leadership in Cooling Control

EVERCOOL is an integrated automation and optimization solution for data center cooling. Innovative hot-swap capability ensures uptime and the platform has been standardized for quick delivery and deployment.

Reliability and Uptime

Design Envelope pumps are known for reliability and long service life. Advanced control solutions combined with Active Performance Management give your data center cooling units next-level reliability and the uptime assurance you need.

Our Solutions

Armstrong Fluid Technology offers highly efficient, modular data center cooling solutions delivered to a tight shipping schedule. Design Envelope solutions can be configured, sourced, assembled and shipped quickly.

Design Envelope EVERCOOLTM is a new automation solution for rapid deployment in mission-critical cooling applications. EVERCOOL offers pre-engineered options that can be configured on-site, reducing site commissioning time by up to 30%. EVERCOOL uses a hot-standby controller to provide internal redundancy and ensure continuous uptime.

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