Armstrong is guided by a set of core values: Community, Service, Learning and Innovation. Where Armstrong stands today would not have been possible without a long history of serving customers, working collaboratively to form and strengthen communities, and innovating to develop new capabilities. With that foundation, Armstrong is able to help customers in a diverse set of industries that includes hospitality, retail, residential, data center, industrial, commercial, transportation, education, energy services, government, healthcare and pharmaceutical.

Armstrong is also a purpose-driven organization. Working in the service of current and future generations, we are driven to lead a global transformation in energy use. Through implementation of existing energy-saving solutions, and tireless innovation to develop ground-breaking solutions that are even more efficient, Armstrong is working to create a built environment that provides indoor comfort at the lowest possible environmental cost.

Principles and Values

Armstrong believes in building a great customer experience, through innovation, delivery and service.

Why we should become partners:

Armstrong Toronto building facade
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