ADEPT Select is an online product selection tool that lets you quickly find the products that are best suited to your project and select the size you need.

Now you can choose from a broader range of products:

Pumps, HX, Boosters, SG and FTV, Control systems, Fire pumps, Fire systems, Packaged systems, Shell and tube HX, Tank heaters, Expansion systems, DAS and VAS

ADEPT Select helps you get the right pump for the job.

With the new ADEPT Select, you can start with basics such as head and flow, product category and name to find what you’re looking for quickly. You can also get technical specifications, visuals, performance data and performance curves, application notes, installation requirements, related products, formatted submittals and product literature.

You can build, save and share product schedules and organize the material by project. ADEPT Select makes it easy to email, print, export and/or save product selections. 

ADEPT Select makes it easier for you to change configurable products. No need to delete and re-select. Just change the current selection and move on.
ADEPT Select allows you to sort equipment lines into the order you want.
ADEPT Select makes it easy to choose products using detailed duty points or by selecting a point from a composite curve.

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