Because buildings and environments are dynamic, HVAC systems must be responsive. Proper design as well as on-going management are requirements for sustained operating efficiency.

  • Performance drift in HVAC systems is the cause of an astronomical amount of wasted energy each year, in the US alone.
  • Without regular recommissioning, most buildings will experience performance drift of 10-30% in just 2 years.
  • Construction and operation of buildings are responsible for over 39% of energy-related GHG emissions.

Active Performance Management™ ensures long-term efficiency of a mechanical system through flow: the informed, data-driven responses to changes in load and system performance.

Armstrong's ideal system is:

Real-time, informed responses to changes in HVAC load and operating efficiencies.

HVAC requirements are constantly changing and efficiency in HVAC components declines over time. 

Through constant monitoring of real-time data, Active Performance Management provides dynamic responsiveness for maximum efficiency under all operating conditions.

Drawing on component-level intelligence in a way that is transparent to existing control systems.

Disconnected components within HVAC systems become islands of functionality. The lack of optimization costs building owners in lost efficiencies.

Armstrong relies on two modes of learning:

  1. Learning based on static maps of component performance profiles
  2. Learning generated through adaptive mapping capabilities that gather data from the environment.

Removing barriers to entry and creating long-term value for owners.

Upgrade programs in the pursuit of efficiency and sustainability can be prohibitively expensive. With the wrong choice, owners can find themselves “cash-strapped” for years. But with Armstrong's Active Performance Management your energy savings and carbon footprint reduction programs can be cash positive at every step. 

Active Performance Management employs widely used controls protocols. This helps make your HVAC system and your upgrade journey scalable.

Owners can start small and build on early successes.

Many HVAC upgrade solutions involve a risk of lock-in. The investment may be too large, or the technology platform may restrict future purchase options.

With Active Performance Management it’s easy to integrate with existing solutions and benefit from improved efficiency with real-time data and full transparency. And with low installed costs, owners start small by replacing one pump and use the savings to scale up with each successive upgrade.

The intelligent pump:

The heart of a system that informs decisions on operating settings and equipment choices. The result: systemwide efficiency.

The path to Active Performance Management: the ultimate energy upgrade

Flow informs. The flow data from your HVAC system can tell you exactly how it's operating. Our upgrade process leverages flow data to inform decisions regarding equipment selection, sizing and operating settings.

Whether you are working to improve performance of a single pump or your entire plant, Armstrong can help your system learn, predict and optimize at every level to make your project a success.

Start with the pump

Use your flow data to inform upgrade decisions

Active Performance Management Learns. Predicts. Optimizes.

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