Design Envelope Compass H Circulators

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Design Envelope Compass H Circulators

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Design Envelope Compass H Isometric
Design Envelope Compass H Front
Design Envelope Compass Isometric
Design Envelope Compass SS Isometric
Design Envelope Compass Front

  • Summary
  • Applications

    Residential heating and cooling; potable water supply

  • Description

    The Armstrong Compass H is an energy-efficient variable speed wet-rotor circulator. Designed to replace existing fixed speed circulators, with popular flange-to-flange dimensions, Compass H can be considered a universal replacement for all circulators in its capacity range.

  • Materials

    Cast iron and stainless steel volutes.

  • Configuration

    Eight operation modes with “Auto” algorithm, four Sensorless modes and three fixed speed modes. 50 Hz and 60 Hz designs

  • Performance range

    Up to 20 USgpm (1.26 L/s) flow; up to 20 ft (6.1 m) head

  • Temperature

    Max ambient temp. 40°C; max water temp. 110°C

  • Power Range

    5 W to 45 W

  • Size


Lowest installed cost

  • Wide performance range (max head 20 ft (6.1m); max flow 20 USgpm (4.54 m3/h))

  • Large wiring chamber and front-mounted terminal block for much easier and faster installation compared to any other circulator currently available
Design Envelope

Lowest installed cost. Lowest operating cost.


Lowest operating cost

  • Easy and quick setup of energy-saving features: eight operation modes with “Auto” algorithm, 2 Sensorless modes, 2 constant pressure modes and 3 fixed speed modes
  • Design Envelope Intelligent Variable Speed technology, combined with ECM motors, saves 50% or more in operating cost over fixed speed circulators
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Lowest environmental cost

  • Design Envelope Intelligent Variable Speed technology, combined with ECM motors, saves 50% or more in electrical energy and related carbon emissions over fixed speed circulators



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