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Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller

Consulting-Specifying Engineer (CSE) readers have cast their votes for the 2015 Product of the Year.  Over 100 companies submitted their product entries for consideration. CSE readers reviewed all the entries and voted to choose the winners.

The Armstrong Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller (PSPC) was voted the Gold Level Product of the Year for 2015!!

The PSPC is an innovative add-on control device that coordinates the output of multiple pumps in a parallel pumping configuration. Staging and controlling Design Envelope pumps on the basis of efficiency, rather than capacity, can increase pumping efficiency by as much as 35%.

The PSPC offers incredible value for engineers, contractors & building owners.

PSPC Isometric

“PSPC represents a major leap in parallel pumping performance. The potential energy savings by applying Design Envelope Parallel Sensorless Pump control are humongous.”  

- Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine

Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller

PSPC value

  • Lowest installed cost - no external sensors or related costs
  • Lowest operating cost - best-efficiency staging of pumps provides 30% higher energy efficiency
  • Lowest environmental cost - higher energy efficiency reduces carbon footprint
  • Lowest operating risk - easily swap between pumps to accommodate service

Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller

Parallel Sensorless Pump Controller - Product of the year

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