Upgrade Opportunities

energy-efficient solutions for new-build or retrofit projects.

Armstrong is focused on providing energy-efficient solutions for new-build or retrofit projects.

Any building owner can have the best available HVAC efficiency, regardless of where their building is in its lifecycle. There’s no reason to delay. Armstrong can deliver improved energy performance with faster payback and better ROI.

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We can help you with any challenge or scenario.

Scenario 1

“My equipment is energy obsolete”

We have cost effective solutions that will give you optimal energy efficiency for low investment.

Equipment you may have

Energy-efficient solutions we can offer

Outdated circulators

Compass R and compass H

Constant speed pumps

Design Envelope Pumping Solutions

Pumps installed in parallel

Parallel Sensorless Pump Control  / Tango

Differential Pressure Sensors

Sensorless Technology

Wall-mounted drives

Integrated controllers

Dated Chiller Plant Controls

Chiller Plant Optimization

Constant speed domestic water booster

Design Envelope Variable Speed Booster

Monitoring service

Performance management services via IoT

Outdated mechanical room design

Packaged solutions

Scenario 2

"We have a new Green initiative in place, but I don't know where to start"

Armstrong prefers to take a consultative approach to solution design. Involving all stakeholders in the initial discussions helps to reveal objectives, constraints and priorities.


Scenario 3

We did a retrofit and we aren’t seeing the efficiency improvements we expected”

Performance management services can help you understand the exact cause of system inefficiencies.

Scenario 4

"How do I make sense of the current legislation and all available rebates?"

Armstrong has a full listing of government-sponsored energy rebate programs and incentives offered and we are happy to help you understand the legislation that applies to your project, and help you complete the related applications


Scenario 5

“I know my mechanical systems are obsolete, but I don’t have any budget”

We have financing available and we can tailor the payback to match your energy savings, so the entire project is cash positive for your organization. Click here for details

Scenario 6

"My building is practically new. I don't need to change anything"

In the last few years, fluid flow technology has advanced so much that even a two-year-old variable speed pump could be replaced for a more energy efficient solution. Just like the world of computers, technology advances quickly and a retrofit solution could make a big difference to your operation. Plus... a walk-through will cost you nothing.

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