It’s all about energy – retrofitting for the future.

Armstrong has been helping the world implement sustainability strategies for the last 20 years of its 80-year history through design excellence, based on the following engineering principles: 

  1. Lowest installed cost
  2. The advantages of variable speed technology
  3. Whole-system controls design
  4. Integration of renewables
  5. Ease of maintenance
  6. The Design Envelope model

These principles support and guide our commitment to deliver a lower carbon footprint and higher energy efficiency to our customers at minimal cost.

Further to this commitment, we help our customers understand GHG emissions and cost savings at individual installations. For example, the payback periods for some of our energy efficient solutions have been calculated to be as low as 1 - 2 years — an unprecedented value in our industry. Now is also the ideal time to take advantage of the many government energy rebate programs which offer substantial financial incentives for industrial, commercial and institutional sectors — all designed to drive down the total cost of ownership.

All of these opportunities are detailed in our platform for sustainability — one of the most comprehensive energy solution based-programs in our industry. Your Armstrong Representative will help you develop the sustainability platform you require using our integrated systems and low carbon technologies. Work with us to leave no option unexplored.

Saving the planet one building at a time


The majority of climate scientists and world leaders agree that climate change caused by CO2 emissions is a deeply concerning problem for the world’s populations. That’s why Armstrong is focused on providing energy-efficient solutions for customers all around the world. These solutions are suited to new-build or retrofit projects, so any building can be elevated to the highest possible levels of HVAC efficiency, regardless of where the building is in its lifecycle. No matter where you are in your energy journey, Armstrong has the expertise and solutions to deliver improved energy performance and meaningful financial returns.



Energy audits

Energy Analysis

We thoroughly examine how and where energy is being used in your business and buildings and then tell you exactly where efficiencies and savings can be found.

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