Our Approach

Armstrong applies a proven methodology to guide and inform the process of optimizing your building performance.

The process starts with forming a joint understanding of the challenges, opportunities, investment and potential returns. We can begin with a simple mechanical room walkthrough and progress to a comprehensive energy audit. Armed with the knowledge gained, we work with you to outline an overall plan. This could range from a simple engagement to confirm that the current system is already delivering optimal performance, staged retrofits, through to a full system upgrade.

1 Understand

  The fact-finding experience starts with exchanging information on business expectations, understanding your company profile, and project scope potential, and developing a common  framework for investigating and initiating a project.    



2 Plan

  After this debrief, Armstrong will present a proposal for the next stage, and the investment will be 100% defined. The proposal will include full implementation costs, plan schedules, the savings guarantee, and our performance management agreement.  



3 Execute

  The installation, start-up, commissioning, and optimization are all part of the implementation.  



4 Manage

  Our goals are to ensure that our project solution is performing properly, and make it clear what should be done to ensure continued best performance and comfort.  



5 Improve

  Daily automated notifications summarize current status versus performance targets and project expectations, adjusting for real building conditions and weather.