Armstrong’s Rising Stars

global employee talent show

to support armstrong's first global cause: wateraid

WaterAid is an international organization whose mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

WaterAid works in 27 countries across Africa, Asia, the Pacific region, and Central America. Since 1981, WaterAid has reached 17.5 million people with safe water and, since 2004, 12.9 million people with sanitation.


who can participate

  • Employee
  • Employee's immediate family member
  • Employee + friend(s)
Who can participate

how to enter

August 15 - October 15, 2016

Why Video Submission v. Live Event?

  1. Film wide on your mobile device (cell phone, tablet, camera, etc.)
  2. Visit to submit your video.
    1. Select your video by clicking 'add files'
    2. Enter as 'Friend's Email'
    3. Enter your email address and click transfer
  3. Donations raised for your video submission should be given to your HR Manager (check with your HR Manager for the minimum donation amount for your region).
  4. Sign the talent release form and submit it to your HR Manager.

Once videos are received we will save them to a secured server provided by the IT Department, for review. Approved videos will be posted on YouTube as 'unlisted' so the general public cannot view them. Once all submissions have been received we will distribute a poll, using, asking everyone to select their favorite video.

Videos submitted after 7pm (EST) on October 15th will not be considered or reviewed as part of the talent show.

how to enter the talent show

and the winner is...

Prizes will be awarded to:

  • 1st Place (video with the most votes)
  • 2nd Place (video with second most votes)
  • 3rd Place (video with third most votes)
  • Video submission with most donations raised
  • Randomly drawn video from all submissions 
prizes will be awarded in different categories


Acceptable act guidelines:
  • All acts must be safe and appropriate (family friendly).  All talent is encouraged to enter. Video submissions can include the following types of acts: singing, comedy, musical instruments, magic, pets, skits, unique talents, sport-related, poetry, etc.
  • Video submissions can be up to FIVE (5) minutes long  
  • Participants may participate in only one act, but can submit up to 3 videos with other family members in them.  Any participant who participates in more than one performance will disqualify both acts.

The Big NO:

  • NO profanity or vulgar lyrics in any vocal performance or dance music.
  • NO nudity allowed!  Keep attire at a respectable and tasteful level. 
  • NO alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements are to be included in any performance or shown on any clothing.
  • NO illegal activities in submitted acts. In addition, please note that explicit music, stunts and pyrotechnics or open flames, or any other dangerous acts are some examples of prohibited activities.
  • The HR department may disqualify any video they feel unsuitable for the talent show.  
rules for the talent show