Pump Manager

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Pump Manager

Pump Manager is a cloud-based service sold in connection with Armstrong Generation 5 Design Envelope pumps that helps operators maintain long-term pump efficiency.

A 2011 study conducted by Natural Resources Canada found that recalibrating in recommissioning of the existing HVAC equipment saved 10 to 15% in long-term performance efficiency. Pump Manager leverages the connectivity and onboard intelligence of Design Envelope pumps, and augments the existing capabilities for performance data analysis.

Early detection of changes in pump condition
Notification of changes in equipment settings
Alerts and warnings via text or email
Automated performance reports
Performance trending
Firmware updates as released


pump manager

Details of Offering


Performance Management is offered in three different platforms to accommodate the requirements of different users



  pump manager professional enterprise
maintenance and efficiency tips
performance alerts
access to member webcasts
online trends
portfolio / multi-site view of asset performance
api - app integration
(custom priced)
recommendations for equipment operation and maintenance
firmware upgrades
expert remote account review annual semi-annual
24 x 7 call support  


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