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living performance

Armstrong is taking customer value in HVAC solutions to the next level with the introduction of our new Design Envelope offerings and our Cloud-based Performance Management Services. We chose Living Performance as our theme to reflect the impact of these solutions, delivering context and insight in real-time. This allows our customers to make proactive and informed decisions and take immediate action to deliver the best possible HVAC performance in their buildings. 

Our new offerings cover our complete Design Envelope pump range and our newest Performance Management service - Pump Manager.

Design Envelope pumps

Armstrong Design Envelope pumps now offer even greater value, further reducing your first installed cost and accelerating your operating cost savings. The latest design delivers unmatched efficiency, the simplest and fastest installation and commissioning, and optimized lifetime performance through real-time insight and action.

We've accomplished this through a completely new design of the 1 to 10 hp range, now featuring Armstrong iECM™ technology as well as the new Armstrong controller on all pumps up to 1250 hp. The iECM technology delivers IE4 levels of efficiency that exceed Department of Energy (DOE) and other regulatory requirements. The new Armstrong controller provides on-board trending and diagnostics, WiFi connectivity, and enhanced control functions, enabling real-time performance management. 

Mechanical and digital technologies combine to create complete pumping solutions that offer extended intelligence and unmatched efficiency.

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Design Envelope tango™ Pump

To help the industry meet the challenge of providing cost-effective HVAC operations, Armstrong has developed the Design Envelope Tango pump, representing the pinnacle of energy performance. With a shared casing and volutes for 2 motors, industry-leading hydraulic efficiency, energy-saving iECM™ motors, and on-board Parallel Sensorless Pump Control™, Tango offers more value than any other solution available today.

Our patented Parallel Sensorless technology delivers best efficiency-point staging and enables a new approach to traditional duty standby requirements through the inherent redundancy and control capabilities of Design Envelope offerings. These unique capabilities combine to further extend both the installed cost and energy savings available to our customers. 

Design Envelope Tango Pumps are available in 1 hp to 10 hp configurations.

Tango and Performance Management

Design Envelope vertical in-line Pump

Our completely new design of the 1 to 10 hp range includes our Vertical In-Line configuration. As with the Design Envelope Tango pumps these new offerings feature Armstrong iECM™ technology resulting in significant efficiency improvements. These represent the smallest and lightest products available in this range, greatly simplifying installation.

This new 1 to 10 hp range as well as our full line up to 1250 hp include the new Armstrong controller. The on-board controls include one-touch auto-flow balancing. The new touch-pad display provides a simple and intuitive interface, including step-by-step guidance for any set-up or adjustment requirements. Together these provide the simplest and fastest commissioning, further reducing your first installed cost. In addition the new Armstrong controller provides on-board trending and diagnostics, WiFi connectivity, and enhanced control functions, enabling real-time performance management. 

The Vertical In-Line is the best choice for pump design and orientation. More than 40 years after the installation of the first Vertical In-Line, the new Design Envelope Vertical In-Line
pumps offer even more value to engineers, contractors and building owners, with improvements in all aspects of performance.



Design Envelope 4200H Horizontal Pump

The Design Envelope 4200H Horizontal pumps now include the same new Armstrong controller as our other Design Envelope pumps.

performance management services

Armstrong has built a reputation as a trusted partner focused on delivering optimal building performance for our customers. We back up our promises with a savings guarantee and we test each and every individual pump prior to shipment, to ensure performance efficiency and flow accuracy.

Customers around the world have benefited from our comprehensive ECO*PULSE Building Health Management service. Now Armstrong is launching a new component-level service called Pump Manager.

The real-time view of pump performance and trends delivered by Armstrong’s Pump Manager will allow our customers to maintain and extend the true energy performance of each pump, while providing predictive and proactive warnings and notifications around pump conditions that may impact overall building performance. 

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