ACE Online

ACE Online is a web-based software system that allows authorized users to select products, and engage in collaborative system design over the internet. 

Benefits & Features

  • Dynamic Pump Curves for Easy Product Selection
    The duty-point of a pump selection can by changed using simple drag-and-drop functionality. Both single-curve and multi-curve functionality is available so the process of selecting products is as easy as ever.

  • Design Scenario Analysis
    Users can select pump configurations and analyze the performance of each scenario before proceeding. This facilitates the design process and helps the user create a better, more efficient HVAC system.

  • Project Storage
    The project storage functionality in ACE Online allows users to save designs under a project name for later retrieval. In addition, users can log all activities related to a project, such as meetings and discussion notes. You can even assign tasks to members of your project team.

  • Online and Remote Capabilities
    All of the features of ACE Online are also available in a version of the software called ACE Remote that can be used on a stand-alone PC. ACE Remote allows users to work remotely and synchronize projects with the ACE Online database as desired. This capability provides tremendous flexibility in work processes and assures that files are both secured and shared according to the user's preferences.

  • Project Collaboration
    ACE Online allows users to grant access for other users to view their projects. Instead of sending files back and forth via e-mail, users can collaborate over a single file and focus on delivering high-value design work. Using the file upload and storage feature, users can store and share other information that may be relevant to a project file (drawings, blueprints, photos, spreadsheets, etc), so the information is always accessible to all parties involved in a project. 

Click here to access ACE Online (Internet Explorer required)

ACE Online is reserved for use by Armstrong direct sales representatives and channels. To request a new user account please fill in the online registration form.

To gain access to ACE Online or for immediate response on specific questions about our products, please contact your local Armstrong representative.

For assistance with ACE Online, please contact Online application support.

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